Meet The Team


Watlington Team

We have a talented team here at Calnan Brothers. A butchery team that boasts a wealth of skill, experience and knowledge. We are a traditional butchers working with whole carcasses, meaning we need the full spectrum of abilities from each butcher to prepare individual cuts and joints for our retail and wholesale customers.

We prepare each cut with strict attention to detail and quality to make sure our customers get consistency. Being a butcher requires dedication, determination and most of all passion, something every staff member of Calnan Brothers has.

Here is your chance to get to know a bit more about our friendly talented team.



Tom is the second generation of Calnan Brothers. He has always been involved in the business from a young age and blends a deep respect for history with a fresh vision of Calnan Brothers for the future. He has learnt at the hands of the Brothers along with other top butchers and is now taking a lead role in driving the business forward. A new shop refit, a new e-commerce website and continuing to build relationships with the finest pubs and restaurants in the area. Tom has lots of exciting ideas for the years to come. Tom is always open to new ideas and listening to customer feedback because he believes the shop is not just part of a family but part of the community. Give Tom your input when you are next in the shop.

Tom’s favourite meal? Roast beef with all the trimmings washed down with a glass of red wine!


Kevin is the tenured old hand in Calnan Brothers. His knowledge and experience in butchery is unrivalled with over 45 years in the industry, 40 of those at Calnan Brothers. For 40 years he has taken an important role in the management of the business and 25 of those have been at our Watlington Shop. A friendly face with customer service at the heart of what he does. Make sure you take advantage of his knowledge about cuts, preparation and recipes when you see him next.

Kevin’s favourite meal? Roast beef with all the trimmings including Yorkshire pudding!



Andy has been a big part of Calnan Brothers for over 30 years after previously working at some well known butcher shops in the local area. Andy has a lifetime of butchery experience under his belt, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and is an expert in cutting and preparing meat. A friendly face in the shop that offers help and suggestions with cuts and cooking instructions.

Andy’s favourite meal? Steak and chips with all the trimmings!


Antony has been an important part of Calnan Brothers for over 30 years and his knowledge and experience as a qualified butcher is highly valued. His proficiency with customers is second to none and he is always ready to help and advise on all preparation and cooking matters. If you are out and about, be sure to give him a wave if you see him delivering.

Antony’s favourite meal? Roast shoulder of lamb marinated in rosemary and garlic with all the trimmings!



Harry has been a big part of Calnan Brothers for over 15 Years and is dedicated to making sure our customers get exactly what they desire. Having taking a year out to travel, Harry worked at one of the best, if not the best butcher shop in the world, Victor Churchills, Sydney. Harry has a big passion for butchery and is always keen to improve, learn and try new recipes. Along with Philip, Harry makes sure our sausages are award winning week in week out.

Harry’s favourite meal? Roast beef or Lamb with all the trimmings!


Lee has been a butcher for over 50 years and before coming to work for Calnan Brothers he has worked and managed at a number of world renowned butcher and farm shops. With a wealth of experience in all fields of butchery, he is a great asset to the team. Lee also has a big passion for creating new oven ready meal recipes which customers enjoy every week.

Lee’s wife Maggie, is also a vital part of the team. Every week on her day off, Maggie makes the team her famous home made cup cakes. Wednesdays at Calnan Brothers is known, as cup cake day!

Lee’s favourite meal? Roast Beef with all the Sunday trimmings!



Philip also known as Wolfie! Is our newest addition to the team and brings an exciting vitality to the group. Newly qualified and brimming with ideas, Wolfie has a passion for boning out beef, making sausages and making our famous oven ready meals. Along with Harry, Philip makes sure our sausages are award winning week in week out.

Wolfie favourite meal? Slow cooked belly of pork with all the trimmings!