Calnan Brothers

Locally sourced pork

We are lucky enough to have great pig farms around the surrounding area of Watlington so we make sure we support our local farmers. All of our pigs are born outside and fattened in straw yards allowing freedom and warmth for the pigs to run around. This makes sure they have an opportunity to follow natural urges.

How is our pork bred?

Our pork is produced from a Duroc X Landrace sow, crossed with a large white boar, giving it taste and tenderness. The Duroc gives the taste and tenderness, which you don’t get with other breeds. The landrace, is a long pig hence gives a longer carcass, perfect for bacon and roast loin of pork. The large white or Piertron boars give it a chunkier, meatier pig. It is important to add that our pork is free from antibiotic growth promoters, meat and bone meal hormones. If you haven’t tried our locally soured pork, you will not be disappointed. Fantastic flavour and of course, incredible crackling.